"Mourning in the Parlour" - first creation for our Fall 2014 jewelry collection.

Thick velvet drapes are drawn to keep out the day’s light, but through the lazy gaps tiny beams of sunlight catch flecks of dust that float weightlessly through the quiet parlour. A single oil lamp glows dimly, casting soft shadows on heaps of sweet smelling flowers which encapsulate a dark mahogany coffin.

Inspired by the romantic allure of Victorian mourning fashion and culture.

Center 12mm beautiful natural deep black jade sphere is surrounded by tiny 2mm natural smooth black onyx cabochon stones.

Now THAT’S a Ring of Power. It may not be styled with me in mind as its target audience…but I’m kinda needing it right now.


© Oriol Angrill Jordà




Idris Elba for Details, Septembar 2014 Issue by Mark Seliger

I am, of course, reblogging ONLY for the sweater.

Even I’m a little turned on tbh

I generally DON’T reblog beefcake here - some aspects of my self are TMI for just about everyone.

HOWEVER: I’m not reblogging this for ME. I know one of my followers is going to need hospitalization after seeing this. And that fills me with glee.